New GOBI Brochure

A new and updated GOBI brochure is now available.  As well as presenting the Initiative’s ethos, goals and history, it expands the concept of EBSAs – now that there are over 300 EBSAs described across the global oceans – and illustrates the new ways of thinking that are emerging to make best use of such an important tool for conservation.
GOBI, thanks to its support from BMUB-IKI, is also making strides in the coordination and development of new research, knowledge generation and application: from animal tracking to bioregion mapping, and from crawlers in the abyssal depths to soarers in the skies above them.  Further details on all of GOBI’s activities are provided in the brochure.
To download a digital copy of the GOBI brochure, click here.  Hard copies are available from the GOBI Secretariat (