GOBI gets UN Ocean Decade endorsement

In the latest tranche of projects and actions to receive endorsement from the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, GOBI’s work is duly recognised.

Through our current portfolio of work, GOBI will contribute towards the Decade’s mission by:

  • promoting a better understanding of mechanisms to conserve biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction and supporting development of the BBNJ Agreement
  • recognising the need to protect migratory species, acknowledging key locations (foraging, breeding, resting) and securing robust scientific evidence of connectivity
  • developing greater synergies between biodiversity and climate protection agendas, particularly the impact of climate change on area-based management initiatives
  • seeking regional application of scientific efforts: in 2023 GOBI will convene a workshop for the North West Indian Ocean to demonstrate regional application of tools developed by GOBI partners and help address urgent knowledge needs, in line with Decade objectives
  • collaborating with Marine World Heritage sites, particularly those identified as EBSAs, for which management measures to reduce threats of human activities are appropriate (for example, previous work has supported Particularly Sensitive Sea Area submissions to IMO)
  • supporting capacity building efforts to widen knowledge, promote ocean literacy and provide least developed countries with tools and skills to responsibly and sustainably manage marine resources

With a view to continuing our work well into the new decade, the GOBI partnership is well placed to deliver significant and actionable knowledge to address the pressing concerns of our times.  Check the GOBI website and Twitter (@GOBIsecretariat) for updates on our work and future activities.