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Draeger Foundation EU-US Conference Series 3

Cascais, 2-5 June 2013. Report by David Johnson, GOBI Coordinator

This major conference on ‘Good Governance for Sustainable Marine Development’ was the third and final of its conference series. High-level participants were drawn from both sides of the Atlantic and supported by representatives of UN Agencies and international NGOs. Presentations and discussion covered major challenges for managing and policing the seas, supported by a range of ideas for future governance including a European Ocean Alliance, marine Sustainable Development Goal, and ways of strengthening the transatlantic dialogue. The Global Ocean Commission was well represented and ways in which the community of marine professional can engage with the GOC was explored.

GOBI was suggested as the nucleus of one potential future Working Group and also a potential contributor to a Global Vision for marine spatial planning (using EBSAs as a basis for future strategic planning efforts).

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