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CBD SE Atlantic Regional EBSA Workshop

Summary report of the CBD SE Atlantic Regional EBSA Workshop held in Namibia on 8-12 April 2013

Initially the majority of States focussed on describing areas meeting EBSA criteria that were located in their territorial waters. A group co-ordinated by the GOBI Secretariat and BirdLife International, including fisheries interests (SEAFO and FAO), focussed on ABNJ. This ABNJ group developed two templates describing potential EBSAs for the Walvis Ridge , a chain of seamounts stretching from the Namibian EEZ westwards to the Southern Mid Atlantic Ridge and a broad oceanographic feature, the Sub Tropical Convergence Zone , comprising a broad latitudinal band across the southern boundary of the Workshop area. As the Workshop progressed other working groups considered areas extending into ABNJ.

Input was also requested by CBD Secretariat to link the SOI Capacity Building Workshop (Senegal February 2013). GOBI Secretariat was rapporteur on behalf of the ABNJ group and coordinated subsequent refining of the agreed descriptions for Walvis Ridge and the Sub Tropical Convergence Zone.

GOBI Partners provided continuity links to relevant previous Workshops, namely the NE Atlantic, Mauritius and Recife. 

GOBI representatives: David Johnson (GOBI Secretariat); Other GOBI Partners: UNESCO-IOC, SANBI, CSIRO, BirdLife International, UNEP, CBD.

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