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Biological productivity

Biologically productive


Area containing species, populations or communities with comparatively higher natural biological productivity.

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EBSA Illustration Sea Surface Temperature Fronts by Jason Roberts — last modified Sep 08, 2009 09:32 PM
Dynamic physical ocean processes such as upwellings, currents, and eddies promote biological productivity and structure marine ecosystems by aggregating and dispersing nutrients and organisms. In this illustration, we identify potential EBSAs in two zones of high dynamic activity, detected by measuring how frequently sea surface temperature fronts occur.
EBSA Illustration Pacific Equatorial Upwelling by Jason Roberts — last modified Sep 08, 2009 09:28 PM
Oceanographers estimate production of phytoplankton ("primary production”) worldwide from satellite observations. Using these data, we can identify an area of high productivity around the Pacific equatorial upwelling
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